Relative movement

When relative movement is enabled, the worm is maneuvered using just the default Left and Right keys or other customized keys that control the leftward and rightward movement of a worm. When the Left key is pressed, the worm turns left, instead of moving towards the left of the screen. Similarly, when the Right key is pressed, the worm turns right instead of moving towards the right of the screen.

Starting position:

The location of the worm before you decide to move it.

On pressing the Left key:

The worm turns left and begins to move downwards.

If relative movement was not enabled, you would press the Down key to achieve the above result.

To enable relative movement:

  1. Select Settings ▸ Preferences.

  2. Select the worm for which relative movement has to be enabled by clicking the appropriate Worm tab.

  3. Check the Use relative movement checkbox if it is unchecked.

  4. Click Close.