Edit general preferences

The general preferences for Nibbles can be changed by selecting Settings ▸ Preferences.


There are four available speeds in Nibbles. These are, in increasing order:

  • Nibbles Newbie

  • My second day

  • Not too shabby

  • Finger twitching good

Speed can be changed in Settings ▸ Preferences by selecting one of the four speed choices given on the left hand side.

Change worm colors

There are seven available worm colors:

  • Red

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Cyan

  • Purple

  • Gray

These can be changed in Settings ▸ Preferences.

  1. Select any of the Worm tabs to choose the worm that you wish to edit.

  2. On your left hand side you will see Worm color. Pick a color out of the available colors in the drop-down menu to change the appearance of the worm.


You can enable or disable sounds in Nibbles by checking or unchecking the Enable sounds checkbox in Settings ▸ Preferences.

Play levels in random order

Check or uncheck the Play levels in random order checkbox in Settings ▸ Preferences to play the different levels in Nibbles in random order.