Change the default controls

The default controls can be changed in Nibbles to suit your preference or for multi-player games, when having more than one set of controls becomes necessary. To change the default controls:

  1. Select Settings ▸ Preferences.

  2. Select the tab for the player whose controls you want to change.

    Player 1 controls Worm 1, player 2 controls Worm 2, player 3 controls Worm 3 and so on.

  3. In the Keyboard Controls list, select the line, then click on the control. This highlights the line and the words New accelerator… are now present in place of the old control.

  4. Press the key you want to use instead of the default key.

    To keep the old setting click New accelerator… again, right click on New accelerator…, press Esc or click anywhere else inside the Nibbles Preferences box.

  5. Repeat the above step to change the other default keys for the current player, then select the tab for the next player whose controls you want to change and repeat the process.

For example, to use A to Move Left, select the Left control line and click it, then press A on your keyboard when you see New accelerator… on the line.