How to use flags

Flags are used to mark tiles which you suspect may hide a mine. Putting a flag on a tile prevents you from clicking on it and possibly causing an explosion, which would end the game.

How to place a flag on a tile

Red flags are those that cannot be clicked. To place a red flag on a tile:

  • right click on a blank tile.

To make the number of available flags equal to the number of remaining mines, enable Warn if too many flags placed and Use "I'm not sure" flags preference options, then restart the application.

Use of the I'm not sure flag

If you are not sure whether a tile hides a mine, you can use the blue I'm not sure flag.

To put an I'm not sure flag on a tile:

  • Right-click twice on a blank tile or once on a red flag.

To enable these flags, click Mines ▸ Preferences, and select Use "I'm not sure" flags.