Use touchscreen gestures to navigate the desktop

Multitouch gestures can be used on touchscreens for system navigation, as well as in applications.

A number of applications make use of gestures. In Document Viewer, documents can be zoomed and swiped with gestures, and Image Viewer allows you to zoom, rotate and pan.

System-wide gestures

Open the Activities Overview

Bring three or more fingers closer together while touching the screen.

Open the Applications View

Slide right from the left screen edge.

Bring down the notifications list

Slide down from the top center edge.

Bring down the system menu

Slide down from the top right edge.

Bring up the on-screen keyboard

Slide up from the bottom screen edge.

Switch Application

Hold three fingers on the surface while tapping with the fourth.

Switch Workspace

Drag up or down with four fingers touching the screen.

Application gestures

Open an item, launch an application, play a song

Tap on an item.

Select an item and list actions that can be performed

Press and hold for a second or two.

Scroll the area on the screen

Drag: slide a finger touching the surface.

Change the zoom level of a view (Maps, Photos)

Two-finger pinch or stretch: Touch the surface with two fingers while bringing them closer or further apart.

Rotate a photo

Two-finger rotate: Touch the surface with two fingers and rotate.