Switch between windows

You can see all the running applications that have a graphical user interface in the window switcher. This makes switching between tasks a single-step process and provides a full picture of which applications are running.

From a workspace:

  1. Press Super+Tab to bring up the window switcher.

  2. Release Super to select the next (highlighted) window in the switcher.

  3. Otherwise, still holding down the Super key, press Tab to cycle through the list of open windows, or Shift+Tab to cycle backwards.

Windows in the window switcher are grouped by application. Previews of applications with multiple windows pop down as you click through. Hold down Super and press ` (or the key above Tab) to step through the list.

You can also move between the application icons in the window switcher with the or keys, or select one by clicking it with the mouse.

Previews of applications with a single window can be displayed with the key.

From the Activities overview, click on a window to switch to it and leave the overview. If you have multiple workspaces open, you can click on each workspace to view the open windows on each workspace.