I have no wireless network when I wake up my computer

If you have suspended your computer, you may find that your wireless internet connection does not work when you resume it again. This happens when the driver for the wireless device does not fully support certain power saving features. Typically, the wireless connection fails to turn on properly when the computer is resumed.

If this happens, try switching your wireless off and then back on again:

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Network.

  2. Click on Network to open the panel.

  3. Select Wi-Fi.

  4. Switch the wireless OFF and then ON again.

  5. If the wireless still does not work, switch ON the Airplane Mode and then switch it OFF again.

If this does not work, restarting your computer should make the wireless work again. If you are still having problems after that, connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable and update your computer.