Select files by pattern

You can select files in a folder using a pattern on the file name. Press Ctrl+S to bring up the Select Items Matching window. Type in a pattern using common parts of the file names plus wild card characters. There are two wild card characters available:

  • * matches any number of any characters, even no characters at all.

  • ? matches exactly one of any character.

For example:

  • If you have an OpenDocument Text file, a PDF file, and an image that all have the same base name Invoice, select all three with the pattern


  • If you have some photos that are named like Vacation-001.jpg, Vacation-002.jpg, Vacation-003.jpg; select them all with the pattern


  • If you have photos as before, but you have edited some of them and added -edited to the end of the file name of the photos you have edited, select the edited photos with