Write files to a CD or DVD

You can put files onto a blank disc by using CD/DVD Creator. The option to create a CD or DVD will appear in the file manager as soon as you place the CD into your CD/DVD writer. The file manager lets you transfer files to other computers or perform backups by putting files onto a blank disc. To write files to a CD or DVD:

  1. Place an empty disc into your CD/DVD writable drive.

  2. In the Blank CD/DVD-R Disc notification that pops up at the bottom of the screen, select Open with CD/DVD Creator. The CD/DVD Creator folder window will open.

    (You can also click on Blank CD/DVD-R Disc under Devices in the file manager sidebar.)

  3. In the Disc Name field, type a name for the disc.

  4. Drag or copy the desired files into the window.

  5. Click Write to Disc.

  6. Under Select a disc to write to, choose the blank disc.

    (You could choose Image file instead. This will put the files in a disc image, which will be saved on your computer. You can then burn that disc image onto a blank disc at a later date.)

  7. Click Properties if you want to adjust burning speed, the location of temporary files, and other options. The default options should be fine.

  8. Click the Burn button to begin recording.

    If Burn Several Copies is selected, you will be prompted for additional discs.

  9. When the disc burning is complete, it will eject automatically. Choose Make More Copies or Close to exit.

If the disc wasn’t burned properly

Sometimes the computer doesn’t record the data correctly, and you won’t be able to see the files you put onto the disc when you insert it into a computer.

In this case, try burning the disc again but use a lower burning speed, for example, 12x rather than 48x. Burning at slower speeds is more reliable. You can choose the speed by clicking the Properties button in the CD/DVD Creator window.