Magnify a screen area

Ingrandire lo schermo è diverso dall'incrementare la dimensione del testo. Questa funzione opera come se fosse presente una lente di ingrandimento, consentendo di spostarsi zoomando su specifiche parti dello schermo.

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Accessibility.

  2. Click on Accessibility to open the panel.

  3. Press on Zoom in the Seeing section.

  4. Switch the Zoom switch in the top-right corner of the Zoom Options window to on.

You can now move around the screen area. By moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, you will move the magnified area in different directions, allowing you to view your area of choice.

È possibile attivare e disattivare velocemente l'ingrandimento facendo clic sulla icona accesso universale nella barra superiore e selezionando Ingrandimento.

You can change the magnification factor, the mouse tracking, and the position of the magnified view on the screen. Adjust these in the Magnifier tab of the Zoom Options window.

You can activate crosshairs to help you find the mouse or touchpad pointer. Switch them on and adjust their length, color, and thickness in the Crosshairs tab of the Zoom settings window.

You can switch to inverse video or White on black, and adjust brightness, contrast and greyscale options for the magnifier. The combination of these options is useful for people with low-vision, any degree of photophobia, or just for using the computer under adverse lighting conditions. Select the Color Effects tab in the Zoom settings window to enable and change these options.