Print a definition

You can print a definition to paper or a file. Before printing, you should preview the definition as it would be printed to check that the text fits onto the page, especially if you have changed the print font size.

Print preview

  1. Select File ▸ Preview.

  2. A print preview window will open which will show you the definition exactly as it will be printed.

  3. Use the toolbar to browse pages, adjust zoom level and page width.

  4. Click the Print this document to print the definition or close the window to end the preview.

The print button in the toolbar may not always work. If it does not work for you, close the window and select File ▸ Print.


You need to have a printer set up to be able to print to paper.

  1. Select File ▸ Print ▸ General.

  2. Select the printer that you want to use from the list of printers or select Print to File.

  3. Chose your printing settings.

  4. Press Print to print the definition.