Add a new city clock

Add a city to your world clocks to see the time of day or night in that city. You will also be able to check the sunrise and sunset times for each of the cities that you have added.

  1. Press the World button.

  2. Press the New button or Ctrl+N to add a new city.

  3. Start typing the name of the city into the search.

  4. Select the correct city or the closest location to you from the list.

  5. Press Add to finish adding the city.

If you do not see your city in the list, it is probably not available at this time. You should try adding the closest bigger city or the capital of your country instead.

The clock for your current location will automatically be added to your world clocks when you are connected to the Internet. It will not be shown if you disconnect from the Internet and it will automatically update if you take your computer to a different city.