Clock your best times

Use the stopwatch to measure the time that it takes to complete different parts of a task while also keeping track of the total time that it takes to finish the whole task. It is often used by athletes to measure the time taken to run each lap and the time taken to cover the entire distance. By timing each lap, they are able to tell if their speed changes from lap to lap.

  1. Press the Stopwatch button.

  2. Press Start to start the stopwatch.

  3. After completing one phase of the task:

    • Press Lap to record the end of the first phase and to start timing the next phase.

    • Press Stop to pause the stopwatch and Continue when you are ready to resume timing the task.

You can use the Reset button to reset the stopwatch when it is stopped.

Your lap times and total time will be lost when you reset the stopwatch or restart Clocks.