Using Boxes with Continuous

Continuous is GNOME's continuous build system. Boxes is able to create a box from a Continuous qcow2 image.

  1. The latest images are found at the link provided in the Installation section of the wiki page.

    Images are available in runtime and devel-debug flavors. The devel-debug image results in a virtual machine containing developer tools and headers.

  2. In Boxes, click New to launch the box creation wizard.

  3. Click Enter URL and type the URL including the full filename of the gzipped runtime or devel-debug qcow2 image. Boxes will download and install the image.

    If you have already saved an image to disk, click Select a file and navigate to the Continuous qcow2 image. Select the file and click Open.

  4. The Review page opens. Click Customize to adjust memory or disk size, or to rename the box.

  5. Click Create. The collection view returns, and the installation of the box begins.

The information necessary to upgrade a Continuous vm can be found on the wiki page.