The Sort plugin arranges selected lines of text into alphabetical order.

You cannot use the Undo feature to correct a Sort operation, so we recommend that you save the file immediately before performing the sort. If you make a mistake with the sort, you can revert to the previously-saved version of the file by selecting File ▸ Revert.

Enable Sort Plugin

To enable the Sort plugin:

  1. Select gedit ▸ Preferences ▸ Plugins.

  2. Select Sort to enable the plugin.

Using Sort Plugin

To use the Sort plugin:

  1. Drag and highlight the desired lines of text.

  2. Select gedit ▸ Sort.

  3. The Sort dialog will open, allowing you to choose between several sorting options:

    • Reverse order will arrange the text in reverse alphabetical order.

    • Remove duplicates will remove duplicate values from the list.

    • Ignore case will ignore case sensitivity.

      To have the sort ignore the characters at the start of the lines, set the first character that should be used for sorting in the Start at column spin box.

  4. To perform the sort operation, click Sort.