Diagrams are present throughout the gda-browser, and are made of a canvas on which graphical items are displayed (like tables for example).


Diagram showing some tables and their relations represented by foreign key constraints (also see the declared foreign keys)

The items can be moved around on the canvas (note that as long as the whole diagram fits in the canvas, it remains centered on it). Other manipulations are possible:

  • zooming in and out using the mouse's wheel, or through the contextual menu (right click on the canvas); a zoom to fit the canvas is also available in the contextual menu

  • bring closer or moving away items from one another using the mouse's wheel while holding the Shift key

  • arranging items linearly or radially, through the contextual menu

  • printing, through the contextual menu

  • exporting as PNG or SVG images, through the contextual menu

  • adding items, through the contextual menu

  • removing items, through the items's contextual menu