Make your game a little easier

Change your last move

When the computer makes a winning move because of your last move or when you accidentally make the wrong move, you can undo your last move and change it. To undo your last move, select Game ▸ Undo Move or press Ctrl+Z. You can now drop your marble at a different square in the game area to change your move.

You can undo all your moves starting from your current move until you reach a favourable state of the game, or until the beginning of your current game, by pressing Ctrl+Z repeatedly.

Use hints

If you are not sure of your next move, you can use a hint. When you use a hint, your marble moves to the top of the column that is the best choice, strategy-wise, and blinks. You can then drop your marble into that column. To use a hint, select Game ▸ Hint or press Ctrl+H.

There is no limit on the number of hints you can use in a game.