Choose a different opponent

By default, your opponent in Four-in-a-row is the computer, playing at level one.

To change the level, or to play with a friend:

  1. Select Settings ▸ Preferences ▸ Game. You will see Player One and Player Two.

  2. Choose Human for both players if want to play with a friend or family member.

    Alternatively, choose the level at which the computer plays. Choose between Level one, Level two or Level three, where Level one is the easiest level and Level three is the most difficult level.

    If you are playing with a friend or family member, Player One gets to play first in the first game of Four-in-a-row. In subsequent games, the chance to play first is given alternately to each player. So, Player Two will get to play first in the second game, Player One can play first in the third game and so on.