Supported file formats

File formats that are supported by Archive Manager include:

  1. Archive only

    • AIX Small Indexed Archive (.ar)

    • ISO-9660 CD Disc Image [Read-only mode] (.iso)

    • Tape Archive File (.tar)

  2. Archive and compression

    • Java Archive (.jar)

    • WinRAR Compressed Archive (.rar)

    • Tape Archive File compressed with:

      • gzip (.tar.gz, .tgz)

      • bzip (, .tbz)

      • bzip2 (.tar.bz2, .tbz2)

      • lzop (.tar.lzo, .tzo)

      • 7zip (.tar.7z)

      • xz (.tar.xz)

    • Cabinet File (.cab)

    • ZIP Archived Comic Book (.cbz)

    • ZIP Archive (.zip)

    • ZOO Compressed Archive File (.zoo)

For some file formats, Archive Manager may require additional plugins.