Password protection

You can encrypt an archive with a password so that only you and those with whom you choose to share the password are able to access it. Note that the password can still be guessed, so for highest security, use a good password.

Archive Manager allows you to encrypt an archive with a password only in specific circumstances.

Set a password to encrypt data in a new archive by following these steps:

  1. Start creating a new archive.

  2. At the bottom of the file chooser dialog you can choose a File Format and enter a password into the Password field in Other Options.

    You may not be able to type a password, because not all archive types support encryption, so choose an archive type that can be password protected before setting a password.

  3. Continue with creating a new archive.

Protect an existing archive by setting a password:

  1. Open an archive.

  2. Click Edit ▸ Password….

  3. Type a password into the Password field.

    If you want to encrypt the list of files tick Encrypt the file list too.

  4. Click OK to continue.

    Archive Manager will encrypt only new files which will be added to the archive!