View an archive

There are two ways to view an archive:

View all files

Click View ▸ View All Files. Archive Manager will list all files inside the archive. You will see their names, sizes, types, dates of the last modification and locations.

You may use the column headings mentioned above (name, size…) to sort the files in your archive. Do this by clicking on them; you can toggle to sort in reverse order.

View as a folder

This view displays the classic directory structure. To use this, click View ▸ View as a Folder.

While viewing your archive in this way, you can press F9, or click View ▸ Folders option, to see a tree view of the folders in the side pane. It allows you to navigate easily between folders.

Open files in your archive

Open files which are in your archive by double-clicking on the file name, or by right-clicking on the file name and selecting Open. Archive Manager will open the file with the default application for that file type.

Open the file with a different application by following these steps:

  1. Right click on the file.

  2. Click Open With….

  3. Select the application that you want to use and click Select.