Advanced options for archive extracting

Archive Manager offers different options for extracting an archive. You can see these options in the Extract dialog. At the bottom of this dialog, you can decide if you want to extract:

All files

All the files and folders in the archive will be extracted.

Selected files

Archive Manager extracts only the selected files.

You need to select the files that you wish to extract before you click Extract. Do this by clicking on the file name. Use Ctrl and Shift keys, to select more than one file.


You can type in the names of the files that you want to extract. Separate individual files using a semicolon (;).

The file name needs to be followed by a file extension. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wild card. For example, to select all .txt files, type *.txt.

You can specify in the file chooser dialog whether you want to:

Keep directory structure

Tick this option if you want to keep the directory structure as it is in your archive.

Do not overwrite newer files

This option will not overwrite existing files with the same name, which have a more recent modification date than those which are in the archive.

These Actions are listed at the bottom of the dialog.