Adding a Memo

  1. Click File ▸ New ▸ Memo, or press Shift+Ctrl+O.

  2. Select a memo list in the List dropdown list.

  3. Enter the memo information.

  4. Click the Save button, or File ▸ Save.

If you just want to quickly add a memo by entering a summary you can directly enter it in the list of memos.

You can also define a category, or a classification for the memo, or add an attachment.

Shared Memos

Shared Memos are like mail messages except they are scheduled for a particular day and appear on the calendar for that date. You can use shared memos to show vacations, holidays, pay days, birthdays, and so on. Posted shared memos are placed in your Calendar on the date you specify. They are not placed in your Mailbox or in any other user's Mailbox.

To send a Shared Memo,

  1. Click File ▸ New ▸ Shared Memo, or press Shift+Ctrl+H.

  2. Select the Organizer's account name from the drop-down list given next to the Organizer field.

  3. In the To field, type a username, then press Enter. Repeat this for additional users.

  4. Select the task list (under List) in which you would like to create the entry.

  5. Enter a brief summary in the Summary field.

  6. In the Start Date field, type the date this shared memo should appear in the recipients' calendars.

  7. Click the Save button, or File ▸ Save.