IMAP+ receiving options

Receiving Email

On the Receiving Email page (accessible via Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Mail Accounts ▸ Edit ▸ Receiving Email):

  • Enter the address of the email server in the Server field and enter your username for that server.

  • Select if you want to use a secure connection (SSL or TLS).

    You should enable this option if your server supports it.

    Free webmail providers often supply information about which of these options can be used. If you are in an organizational environment, you may want to contact your system administrator for more information.

  • Select your authentication type in the Authentication list, or click Check for Supported Types to have Evolution check for supported authentication mechanisms. Some servers do not announce the authentication mechanisms they support, so clicking this button is not a guarantee that available mechanisms actually work.

  • Select if you want Evolution to remember your password.

Receiving Options

On the Receiving Options page (accessible via Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Mail Accounts ▸ Edit ▸ Receiving Options):

  • If you want Evolution to check automatically for new messages, click the Check for new messages every … minutes option and select the frequency in minutes.

  • Select Use Quick Resync if the IMAP server supports IMAP4 Extensions for Quick Mailbox Resynchronization.

  • If the mail server does not allow multiple connections from Evolution to the server at the same time (for example when you have more than one account on that server), set Number of concurrent connections to use to 1.

  • You can also define if Evolution checks for new messages in all folders, or only in subscribed folders.

  • Select if you want Evolution to show only subscribed folders.

  • Select if you want filters to be automatically applied on mail that you receive, if spam should be automatically filtered, and if mail on the server should be synchronized with your local copy for offline access to it.