Forwarding a message

When you receive an email, you can forward it to other individuals or groups that might be interested.

You can forward a message as an attachment to a new message (this is the default setting, see Default settings), inline (in your message without the > character before each line), or quoted (with > character before each line).

Attachment forwarding is best if you want to send the full, unaltered message to someone else. Inline or Quoted forwarding is best if you want to send portions of a message, or if you have a large number of comments on different sections of the message you are forwarding.

To forward a message that you are reading:

  1. Click Message ▸ Forward, the Forward button in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+F to use the default forwarding method. In case you want to use a different forward method, click Message ▸ Forward as or the small dropdown arrow next to the Forward button in the toolbar to choose the method.

  2. Select a recipient for the message. The subject is already entered, although you can alter it if you want.

  3. Add your comments on the message in the text field.

  4. Click Send or press Ctrl+Return.

Attachments to a message you are forwarding are forwarded only when you send the original message as an attachment. Inline messages do not forward any attachments.

Default settings

The default settings for replying and forwarding can be changed under Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Composer Preferences ▸ General ▸ Replies and Forwards ▸ Forward style.