I cannot see some emails, where are they?

  • Check whether you are using filters on incoming (or outgoing) messages. These could be automatically moving your messages to another destination.

  • Check your search view in the search bar right above the message list. Perhaps the Show dropdown list is set to a filter like Read Messages, or the text input filed contains some value. Click the broom icon to clear the search field.

  • If you cannot see any emails at all in a folder, check that you have not maximized the message preview (so the message list pane is hidden). To do this, click View ▸ Preview ▸ Show Message Preview.

  • Look in the Junk folder. Messages that are marked as Junk disappear from the original folder and are moved to the Junk folder.

  • Click View ▸ Show Deleted Messages to make sure all messages are visible.

  • Check your default folder under Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Email Accounts ▸ Edit ▸ Defaults. Perhaps it is set to some other folder than the folder you thought of.