Contacts in LibreOffice

You can use your Evolution address books in LibreOffice as a data source. The following steps refer to LibreOffice version 3.3.3.

  1. Click Edit ▸ Exchange Database… in the menu bar. This will bring up the Exchange databases dialog box.

  2. In the right pane under Available Databases, EvolutionLocal is available as a source. Click on the small triangle to get the list of your Evolution address books.

  3. Choose an addressbook and click Define.

  4. In case it is not listed already, click Browse…. A file chooser dialog opens.

  5. As Evolution stores its data in a hidden directory, press Ctrl+L to get the location bar displayed.

  6. Go to ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/addressbook.db and click Open.

This makes the Evolution address book the default data source for LibreOffice. You can now select a field to insert into a LibreOffice document via Insert ▸ Fields ▸ Other.