Sending a Meeting Invitation

When you create a meeting (group appointment), you can specify the attendees in several categories, such as "chair" or "required". When you save the meeting listing, each attendee is sent an email with the meeting information, which also gives them the option to respond.

If you do not need to collect attendance information when you're scheduling an event, and would rather just announce the event, right-click the meeting and select Forward as iCalendar.... This opens a new email message with the event notification attached as an announcement. Recipients can add the event to their calendars with one click, but it will not automatically send you email about whether they plan to attend.

To schedule a meeting:

  1. Click File ▸ New ▸ Meeting.

  2. If you have multiple email accounts, select the one to use by selecting an item in the Organizer field.

  3. Select a calendar in the Calendar drop-down list.

  4. Click Add to add the email addresses of people you want to invite.

  5. Click View in the menu bar to show or hide the Type, Role, Status, and RSVP fields.

  6. Enter a brief summary in the Summary field.

  7. (Optional) Type a location in the Location field.

  8. To select this event as an all day event, click Options ▸ All Day Event, or click the All Day Event button on the toolbar.

  9. Select the date and time.

  10. If the event is not an all day event, select either For to specify the duration, or select Until to specify the ending time of the event.

  11. (Optional) Enter a description in the Description field.

  12. To query free/busy information for the attendees, click the Free/Busy button on the toolbar, or click Options ▸ Free/Busy.

  13. Click Save to save the meeting.

An email is sent out to all the recipients, inviting them to your event.

You can also define a time zone, a category, a reminder, a recurrence, or a classification for the event, or add an attachment.

In Evolution, a meeting can have only one organizer, and only the organizer can add participants to that meeting. Though it is possible to change the organizer of a meeting, this is not recommended as a means to invite additional participants to meetings. If you want to invite additional people to a meeting and are not that meeting's organizer, it is recommended that you forward the invitation message you received from the original meeting organiser to additional participants.