Replying to a Meeting Request

Meeting requests are sent as attachments and displayed as the body of an email. All the details about the event are shown, including time and dates.

You can choose whether and how to reply to the invitation and add a personal comment to your reply. Available options are to Decline, Tentatively Accept (Tentative), or Accept. You can also decide whether the time of the meeting will still be shown as free in your calendar.

If the meeting request already includes a reminder you can import the reminder to your calendar by enabling Inherit reminder.

If you click Accept the event is added automatically to the calendar that you have chosen.

After you have added the meeting to your calendar, you can make changes to the meeting, but if the original organizer sends out an update, your changes might be overwritten.

Under Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Calendar and Tasks ▸ Meeting Invitations ▸ Conflict Search you can define which calendars are used for warning you of meeting conflicts.