Available views

Evolution offers five different views of your calendar data:

  • Day (Ctrl+Y)

  • Work Week (Ctrl+J)

  • Week (Ctrl+K)

  • Month (Ctrl+M)

  • List (Ctrl+L)

You can switch the view by either using the buttons in the toolbar, or by clicking View ▸ Current View.

You can also select an arbitrary range of days in the small calendar in the side bar. To do this, select the days that you want to view in your calendar.

The Previous and Next buttons move you forward and back in your calendar pages. If you are using a week or month view, you can move by week or month. To return to today's listing, click the Select today button between the two arrow buttons in the toolbar.

To visit calendar entries for a specific date, click the Select a specific date button in the toolbar.