General formatting options

The following options are available under Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Calendar and Tasks ▸ General.


  • Time format:

    Choose between twelve-hour (AM/PM) and twenty-four-hour time formats.

  • Time zone and Second zone:

    The city you are located in, and optionally a second city.

Work Week

  • Week starts on:

    Select the day to display as the first in each week.

  • Work days:

    Define which week days are work days.

  • Day begins:

    Define at which time your work day begins.

  • Day ends:

    Define at which time your work day ends.

Date/Time Format

You can change the format of the Date column by setting your preferred format.

The placeholders in the format expression are strftime formats. For a complete list of available strftime formats, run date --help in the Terminal application.