The command line

To start the Document Viewer from the command line, type evince. You can open a specific file by typing the filename after the evince command:

evince file.pdf

You can open multiple files by typing the filenames after the evince command, separating the filenames by a space:

evince file1.pdf file2.pdf

The document viewer also supports the handling of files on the web. For example, after the evince command you can give the location of a file on the web:


Opening a document at a specific page

You can use the --page-label switch to open a document at a specific page. For example, to open a document to page 3, you would type:

evince --page-label=3 file.pdf

The page label should be in the same format as the page number displayed in the Document Viewer header bar.

Opening a document in fullscreen mode

evince --fullscreen file.pdf

Opening a document in presentation mode

evince --presentation file.pdf

Opening a document in preview mode

evince --preview file.pdf