View previous conversations

Empathy automatically saves all your text conversations you have with your contacts. You can search through all of your previous conversations or browse previous conversations by contact and date.

You do not need to be connected to the Internet to view and search your previous conversations.

Browse previous conversations

You can browse your previous conversations with your contacts or in chat rooms by date.

  1. From the Contact List window, choose View ▸ Previous Conversations. Alternatively, press F3.

  2. Select an account from the drop-down list in the top left. A list of contacts and chat room for that account will be shown below.

  3. Select a contact or chat room to view your previous conversations from. By default the most recent conversation will be shown.

  4. You can browse your conversations by date. Days on which you had a conversation with the selected contact will be shown in bold text. Click a date to select it. Click the arrows next to the month and year to browse earlier dates.

You can search for text in the conversations by typing into the search field at the top. The matching conversations will be showed.

You can quickly view the previous conversations with one of your contacts from the Contact List window. Simply right click the contact and choose Previous Conversations. The Previous Conversations window will open with that contact already selected.