Group conversations

Group conversations permits you to have text conversations with more than one contact at the same time.

To have a group conversation you need to have a registered account with either Jabber or Google Talk, or a People Nearby account.

You can have a group conversation only with the contacts that are using the same service as yours.

Start a group conversation

  1. From the Contact List window, choose Room ▸ Join.

  2. From the Account drop-down list, select the account you want to use for the group conversation.

  3. In the Server text box, type the name of server in which the conversation will be hosted.

    Leave it empty if it will be on the current server.

  4. In the Room text box, type the name you want to give to the conversation.

    This will be the name of the room you are going to have a conversation. This name will be publicly available for other people to join. It is not possible to create a private room.

  5. To invite other contacts to join the group conversation, from the Contact List window, select the contact you want to invite, and perform one of the following:

    • Right-click on the contact and choose Invite to chatroom.

    • Choose Edit ▸ Contact ▸ Invite to chatroom.

    If you have more than one group conversation open, select the one you want to invite your contacts.

Join a group conversation

  1. From the Contact List window, choose Room ▸ Join.

  2. Expand the Room List section to see all the existing rooms.

  3. Double-click on the name of a room to join it.

It is not possible to join all existing rooms. Some of the rooms might require a password, or might be invitation only. Empathy does not support these kind of rooms.