Geolocation Privacy

What information is sent

What is possible to send is: your country, region, locality, area, street, building, floor, room, and postal code, longitude, latitude and altitude, speed and bearing.

The accuracy and the quantity of information about your geographical position are based on the software or on the infrastructure used to discover your position.

Different kind of networks may have different accuracy settings, and may send different information. The use of external devices such as GPS or mobile phone will increase the accuracy of the information sent.

When the privacy mode is enabled, nothing more precise than your city will be sent, even if you are using an external device.

Who can see the information sent

Only your contacts can see your geographical position.

What is the privacy mode

The privacy mode, enabled by default, is a reduced accuracy mode that will decrease the accuracy of the geographical position sent to your contacts.

Privacy overview

Overview of the various geolocation privacy settings in Empathy.

  • Geolocation is not enabled by default.

  • Privacy mode is enabled by default.

  • Privacy mode prevails even when using external and more precise devices.

  • Only your contacts can see your position.