Split tag fields when saving

In Ogg and FLAC files, it is possible to have more than one tag field of each type. For example, if two artists performed a song, there can be two artist fields in the tag, one for each artist. EasyTAG automatically reads the extra fields, combining them together and showing them as if they were a single field.

Many applications do not read the multi-value field correctly, so the default configuration is to save using a single field per entry. If the application that you are using supports multiple field of one type, you can configure EasyTAG to split fields when you save the file. Fields will automatically be split whenever " - " occurs in the field. For example, in the field "David Bowie - Queen", two fields would be saved: "David Bowie" and "Queen".

To split fields when you save the files:

  1. Select Edit ▸ Preferences

  2. Select the Tags tab

  3. In Splitting section, check the fields that you want to be split into multiple fields when saving