Search CDDB

If your music is organized by album, EasyTAG can search online databases using the CDDB protocol and automatically fill in several tag fields.

  1. Select all the files in the album that you want to search for. The ordering of the files must match the track order on the album.

  2. Select Miscellaneous ▸ CDDB Search….

  3. Press Search Using Selected Files and wait for the search to finish.

  4. Select an album from the list of results, and the track information will be shown to the right. If the album is not the one that you wanted, try selecting another result in the list.

    If there are no results which match the tracks that you selected, enter the name of the album in the search field. Press Search and wait for the search to finish, and check the results again to see if you can find an album which matches the tracks that you selected.

  5. Choose the tag fields to fill in by selecting a combination of Filename, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track Number, Number of Tracks and Genre.

  6. To fill in the tags of the selected files using the details in the search result, press Apply.

If you wish to tag only specific files, you can change your selection after the search is complete.