My photos and videos look wrong

If your photos or videos are too dark or the colors seem to be wrong, try adjusting their saturation, contrast, brightness and hue:

  1. Select Cheese ▸ Preferences ▸ Image.

  2. Move the sliders to find the best settings for your webcam.

  3. Click Close and check to see if the preview looks better.

Different options under Image properties (left to right): applying brightness, contrast, hue and saturation


Increasing the brightness will make the photos and videos lighter. However, if you are in a dark room, increasing the brightness might make the image look more noisy.


Setting a higher contrast will increase the difference between darker and lighter colors. If the image looks washed out, try increasing the contrast.


Changing the hue of the image will add a tint to it. If image seems to be the wrong color (for example, too yellow), try changing the hue.


Reducing the saturation makes the image less colorful. If colors seem too harsh, reduce the saturation.