Getting Characters

When you add Character Palette to a panel for the first time, the application displays a default palette of characters. You can select a character from the default palette, or you can select a character from predefined palettes of characters. Each predefined palette of characters is associated with a standard character on your keyboard.

2.1. To Select a Character

To select a character from the palette and insert the character into a text string, perform the following steps:

  1. In the palette, click on the character that you require. The character button is pressed in to indicate that the character is selected.

  2. Point to the location in an application where you want to put the character and middle-click to insert the character. You can also paste the character into the application if the application allows you to paste from the clipboard.

    You can repeat the insertion using middle-click as many times as you want until you either deselect the character or select text in another application. You can continue pasting the character from the clipboard until you either deselect the character or copy to the clipboard from another application.

To deselect the character, click it again or click another character.

Some applications may not allow you to paste certain characters.

2.2. To Display a Predefined Palette of Characters

You can change the characters that are displayed in the application from the default palette to a predefined palette of characters. To display a palette of predefined characters, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Available palettes button on the application, the down arrow on the left.
  2. Click on the palette that you want to display.

You can select the character that you require from the palette of characters that is displayed in the application, then insert the character into your text string.

2.3. Characters' Keys

The following chart lists keyboard characters and their associated groups of characters. The keyboard characters are listed in the first column of each section in the chart. The character groups that are associated with each keyboard character are shown in the other columns.

Figure 2Character Groups Associated With Keyboard Keys