Split an audio track

You can split a single audio track into multiple tracks when you put together an audio project.

  1. Start an audio project and add the tracks you wish to use.

  2. Select the track you wish to split by clicking on it, then click either Edit ▸ Split Track… or right click on the track and select Split Track… from the menu.

  3. Select your preferred method of splitting the tracks:

    Split track manually

    This option allows you to select the exact length of each new section of the track manually.

    Split track in parts with a fixed length

    Use this method to split the track into multiple sections of equal length.

    Split track in a fixed number of parts

    This method allows you to split the track into a set number of sections, all of which will be of the same length.

    Split track for each silence

    Select this method for Brasero to auto-detect silences in the recording and to split the track at those points.

  4. Proceed to split the track by clicking Slice.

    If you try to split a track into a section less than six seconds long, the new section will be padded to make it 6 seconds long.

  5. Click OK to confirm your track splits and apply the changes.

    You can split and merge the same track as many times as you like while you are viewing the split track dialog. Once you confirm your track splitting by clicking OK, you will no longer be able to merge the sections you have already split off. To revert the changes, remove the split sections of the track from your project and re-add the track.