Burn image

Brasero allows you to burn disc images to a CD or DVD. It supports the following extensions of optical disc images: .iso, .toc and .cue.

Disc images are archive files which contain all the data that is on a CD or DVD. Only one disc image can be on a CD at a time, but each archive can contain as little or as much data as you want, as long as it fits on the disc.

To burn a disc image to a CD or DVD, follow these steps:

  1. Click Burn image on the start page or select Project ▸ New Project ▸ Burn image….

  2. Select a disc image to write by clicking Click here to select a disc image.

  3. Select the disc that you want to use from drop down list below Select a disc to write to. If you have more than one disc drive, all discs which are currently in them should be listed.

    After choosing the disc Brasero shows how much free space will remain on the disc after burning.

  4. Click the Properties button to select burning speed and other custom options.

  5. Click Burn to start burning the image. After this operation you can either finish burning or make the other copy of the image.

    If you are using a re-writable disc, which already contains data, you will be asked if you want to blank it or insert a different disc.