Create a data project

A data project is used for writing data (for example, files, photos or music) to a disc, without changing those files in any way. This can be useful for transferring files between computers.

  1. Click Data project on the start page, or select Project ▸ New Project ▸ New Data Project.

  2. Add the desired files to the project by clicking Add in the toolbar and selecting the files. You can also add files by dragging and dropping them onto the project area or by clicking Edit ▸ Add Files.

    You can create folders on the CD to store your data in a more structured manner. To create a folder, click New Folder in the toolbar or select Edit ▸ New Folder from the menu bar. You can also create folders inside other folders.

  3. You can add a title for the disc in the text entry field below the project area.

  4. Select the blank disc in the drop down list.

  5. Click Burn... to continue.

  6. Select the Burning speed from the drop down list, and any other options you may want.

  7. Click Burn to burn a single CD of the project or Burn Several Copies to burn your project to multiple CDs

    If you are using a rewritable disc, which already contains data, you will be asked if you want to blank it or insert a different disc.

If you are using a rewritable disc and the data is not burned correctly onto it, you may need to do a full (non-fast) blank of the disc before trying again.