Create a cover

You can use Brasero to create inlays for your jewel cases. Access the creator by clicking Tools ▸ Cover Editor.

If you are creating an audio project and finish putting together the project before creating an inlay, then when you access the Cover Editor interface from the audio project window, the tracks will automatically be listed on the back cover.

If you close the Cover Editor, your changes will be lost.

  1. Open the Cover Editor.

  2. Choose the formatting you wish to use for the text and type the text, scrolling down to see the side and back inlay for the jewel case.

    When you first see the Cover Editor dialog, you will not be able to click on any of the text formatting options. Click on the cover you want to work on to be able to use those.

  3. Click the Background properties toolbar icon to add a background for the current cover, or right click on the cover you wish to edit and select Set Background Properties. You can choose to use a colored background or to select a background image.

    If you select a centered background image, Brasero sometimes crashes when you click the Close button.

    Click the Close button to apply the changes and close the Background Properties dialog.

  4. Print the cover using the Print button, which is located in the top-right corner of the dialog.