Play Queue

The Play Queue allows you to add music to play in a sequential order. You can add many tracks to let you listen to hours of music non-stop. You can add individual tracks or entire albums, and sort or re-order them.

Add Music to the Play Queue

From your music library, you will need to select the music tracks or albums you want to add to the play queue.

To add an entire album to the Play Queue, using your mouse press and hold the album and drag the album over Play Queue in the far left window pane.

You can add music tracks to the Play Queue individually or as a group. To add an individual file, drag and drop it over the Play Queue in the far left window pane, or right click the track and choose Add to Play Queue.

You can select multiple files by using your mouse and pressing Control and choosing each file with your mouse or select a range of files by pressing Shift and clicking twice to select that range of files. You can then drag and drop it over the Play Queue in the far left window pane or right click the tracks and choose Add to Play Queue.

Organize Your Play Queue

Your Play Queue is organized in the order of the tracks you added. The first tracks or albums you added to the queue will be the first to be played. You can re-order your Play Queue by using your mouse and dragging and dropping a track or group of tracks in the list. Choose the track(s) you wish to re-order with your mouse and release your mouse over the number or place in the list you wish those files to be in the queue.

Removing Tracks from the Play Queue

You can remove an individual track, a group of tracks, or clear your entire play queue.

To remove an individual track or group of tracks, select the track with your mouse and then press Delete.

To clear your entire Play Queue, press the Clear button in the upper right hand corner of the Play Queue.