Amazon MP3 Store

Banshee supports downloading and importing music from the Amazon MP3 store. You can manually import Amazon music files, purchase music in your web browser or buy music inside of Banshee. Amazon only offers music for sale as an MP3 in certain countries and depending on your location, you may not be able to buy Amazon MP3s.

Banshee uses an Amazon affiliate code for all music purchases. All money made via this affiliate code is donated to the GNOME Foundation.

Purchase Amazon MP3s in your web browser

Music purchased from Amazon's MP3 store can be automatically downloaded and imported into Banshee. Banshee associates itself with the .amz file Amazon provides for MP3 purchases. When you buy music on Amazon, your web browser will download the .amz file and Banshee will automatically open it and begin the download and import the music.

Buy Amazon MP3s in Banshee

You can also search for songs on Amazon within Banshee. Choose the Amazon MP3 Store from the Banshee menu on the left. This will load the Amazon MP3 Store just as if you were in a web browser. You can search Amazon for the music you wish to buy and after logging in to Amazon, buy music with one click. Banshee will automatically download and import your purchase into the library.

Import Amazon MP3s manually

When music is purchased from Amazon in a web browser, a file with the extension .amz is downloaded and saved to your hard drive. To import music purchased manually from Amazon, in Banshee choose Media ▸ Import Media from the menu and select the *.amz file to be imported. Banshee will then open this file and connect to the Amazon MP3 store to begin the download.

Amazon .amz files are only active for a short time. If you do not download your music quickly, the file will expire and you cannot download your music from Amazon. Amazon does not publish how long files are active. It is recommended you download and import any purchases from Amazon within an hour of purchase.