Setting up Accerciser

Check if your distribution has Accerciser already packaged. If this is the case, you can install it via its package manager. Otherwise, you can follow the section below to install Accerciser manually.

Installing Accerciser manually

To install Accerciser manually, you will need to download it first. Accerciser's source code can either be downloaded from the FTP site or cloned from the GIT repository.

If you are not using GNOME 3, you may find that Accerciser version 3 or later is not compatible with your environment.

After getting Accerciser, install it using the following commands:

  1. cd accerciser

  2. ./ # or ./configure for first time installation

  3. make

  4. sudo make install # or make install as root

If you find any problems installing Accerciser on your system, it is likely that some of its dependencies are missing. Check Accerciser's wiki to make sure you have all dependencies properly installed.

Running Accerciser

To start Accerciser, type accerciser in a terminal window or within the Run dialog and then press Return.

After that, you can use Accerciser to inspect any accessible item shown in the Application Tree View's hierarchy. Select an item and investigate it using one of Accerciser's plugins.