What's new for developers, system administrators and distributors

New features and enhancements for those working with GNOME technologies.


DevHelp, the GNOME developer documentation application, has been updated to be consistent with other GNOME 3 applications.


  • Per-widget opacity with gtk_widget_set_opacity.

  • Frame synchronization with Mutter ensures smooth animations and resizing.

  • Single-click mode for tree and icon views.

  • It is now possible to reuse accessible implementations.

  • Multi-application Broadway support with broadwayd.

  • Improved font support: you can now set font-family, size, and other font properties using CSS.


  • g_type_init is no longer needed and has been deprecated.

  • GAsyncResult has been replaced with GTask.

  • From 3.8, type modules are never unloaded.

  • Interfaces can no longer be added after class_init.

  • File monitors will now work on NFS homedirs (by falling back to fam).

  • kqueue file monitoring is now supported.

  • GUnixFdSource, a new way to add file descriptors to the mainloop, has been introduced.

  • g_get_home_dir() now respects $HOME.


  • Clutter now uses the X11 XInput extension to support touch events by default.

  • ClutterTapAction has been added to allow recognition of (single) tap gestures on touch screens.

  • Performance improvements have been made to avoid tearing.

  • Text attributes can now be set on editable ClutterText actors.


Boxes now uses libosinfo for adding new operating systems and distributions for express and automated installation. This is based on XSL/XML and avoids the need to use Vala or C.


  • Full Text Search (FTS) v4 support has been added, including search result snippets (i.e. context around matching queries can be returned) and offsets (index in context matching queries).

  • Command line interfaces can now use text colors.

  • Indexing support has been added for XPS (an XML Page Specific Microsoft alternative to PDF files) and DVI documents (DeVice Independent files - this is the printable output of TeX files).

Python Bindings (PyGObject)

  • PyGObject now provides access to the full and original GLib API. The PyGObject 2.x method to call functions like GLib.io_add_watch() are now deprecated, causing a PyDeprecationWarning, and will be removed in a future release cycle.

  • Support for several data types has been added: GParamSpec, boxed list properties and direct setting of string struct members.

  • The new pygtkcompat.generictree module offers a PyGTK compatible TreeModel class for easier porting

  • With GNOME 3.8, PyGObject will raise a deprecation warning for introspected methods which are marked as deprecated. Run python with the -Wd option to see them