Did You Know?

GNOME Web is using WebKit, the same web browser engine that is also used by Safari.

Web is the GNOME web browser.

The Overview

The most noticeable difference in 3.6 is the first version of 'The Overview'. While this is still an evolving design, it already is a solid improvement to the user experience.

The previously blank start page was replaced by a grid that holds your most visited pages. Your favorite pages are now easier to access, especially on touch devices, and valuable screen real estate is used! And if an unwanted page ends up there, you can remove it from the grid by clicking on the X icon on the top right corner of each snapshot.

Full Screen Mode

Now with more full and more screen!

For a long time Web's full screen mode was somewhat awkward. You would still get a toolbar, so it was not really full screen, plus it would have a strange button embedded in it telling you how to go back to the safety of the vanilla mode. With more HTML5 games or presentations done inside browsers, it was about time to make your browser show you the full content and nothing but the content. So we just did that.

Other Bits and Pieces

As usual there are lots of additional features and bug fixes, too numerous to mention: automatic session recovery, tab-less mode, Do Not Track, using SoupTLD to make the URL completion smarter (so it can automatically figure out that google.com is a URL, but foo.bar is a string you want to search), support for showing details of an invalid SSL certificate, and many more.