Did You Know?

The majority of the intelligence of Disks is being developed as part of the udisks freedesktop.org project.

Disks is an application to view, modify and configure disks and other storage media.

  • Power management as well as acoustic levels can be configured for ATA disks.

  • A Zzz icon is shown for any disk which is in standby mode.

  • You can also manually put a disk into standby mode and also wake it up.

  • Ability to securely erase a disk.

  • Long-running jobs are now displayed in the Disks user interface along with a way to cancel the job as well.

  • By popular demand, the benchmark feature that was lost in the Disks/udisks rewrite that landed in GNOME 3.4 is now back.

  • To prevent data loss, Disks will inform the system about the long tasks it might be running. As a result, it will be more difficult to either suspend or power off your machine.