And More...

GNOME 3.6 includes many smaller changes, including bug fixes as well as enhancements. Together, these add up to a general improvement in the user experience. The following are just a few examples.

  • The mnemonics underlines that become visible when you press Alt wait for a split second before appearing now, to avoid flickering when Alt+Tab or Alt+PrintScreen is used.

  • The appearance of the drop-down calendar that is accessible from the top bar has been refined, making it easier to read, better looking, and easier to interact with.

  • Password dialogs when mounting remote locations or encrypted drives are now presented in the same system style as other password dialogs.

  • In the Activities Overview, a clearer highlight effect has been added to the active workspace.

  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added for changing the size of windows, including Super+Left, Super+Right, Super+Up, Super+Down.

  • The access points in the network menu are sorted by strength, making it easier to find networks that are close by.

  • For people who like easter eggs, we have added something fun. You'll need to be quick with your mouse: test to see if you can find it.

  • Modal dialogs have been updated with a new style. Instead of dropping down like a curtain, they expand from the middle of the window, which is now shaded while they are open. This makes it easier to focus on them.